War Has Been Here / by Nora M. Barghati


A rubble coated street
a blood stained wall
and scattered flesh
tell it all

The heavy broken strides
of a man
fleeing the scene
so ugly and obscene
he vomits along the way
tell it all

The three black holes
on a woman’s face
in place
of here eyes and mouth
when terror takes hold
tell it all

The trembling, shaking
limp and stiff
body of a child
scoped in a father’s arms
with her gaze frozen
staring at the blank space
where her friend was
tell it all

When Death looms in the horizon
his black vial of doom
eclipsing the sun

Then you know my dear
that war has been here

© 2015 Nora M. Barghati (All Rights Reserved)
Image by Delawer Art


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